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Single Parents Working Remote Jobs

Are there benefits of working a remote job as a single parent?

As a single parent, finding a job that allows you to balance your responsibilities as both a parent and an employee can be difficult. But there are plenty of remote jobs out there that might be the perfect fit for you. In this post, we'll look at some of the benefits of working as a single parent in one of these positions.

There are Some Benefits

Your life will be easier. You can schedule your day around your kids' activities, and you won't have to worry about getting stuck in traffic or missing out on a school field trip because of work obligations. There's also less stress from being physically present at the office during certain hours. You'll be able to focus more on your job and make the most out of it without having to deal with petty workplace drama or office politics.

Additionally, working remotely means that you'll be able to earn more money than if you were working at an office job—it's been shown that people who work remotely for a living make as much as eight percent more than those who don't! In addition to earning more money from your job itself, there are other benefits such as increased independence and freedom from having one fixed location where you spend all day every day (and night).

You may also find that working remote makes it easier for single parents (or any parent) because they don't have to worry about gas prices or taking care of their vehicle while commuting back home after work each day—which would cost them thousands of dollars over time. Here are four great reasons to join the remote job market!

1. Remote jobs can help you earn more money

You can earn more money by working remotely. Because remote jobs are in high demand, companies are more willing to pay more for them than traditional jobs. Also, because of the growing popularity of remote work, there is greater competition for these positions. In addition to being lucrative, remote jobs are also harder to find than traditional ones.

As a single parent, working remote can help you earn more money, set your own schedule and be flexible with work. You'll also have time away from the office to take care of yourself and your family.

You'll be better able to take care of yourself as a result of being able to minimize stress related to being a single parent by working remotely:

  • You won't have the added pressure of having to go into an office each day (if you choose)

  • Being able to work from home or anywhere else that is quiet and private can help you focus on what needs to be done with less distractions

  • When choosing what hours you want/need for your job, there are no commute costs or having someone else decide when it works best for them

2. You'll have more flexibility in your schedule

You'll have more flexibility in your schedule.

  • When your child is sleeping, you can work!

  • When your child is at school, you can work!

  • When your child is at daycare, you can work!

  • On weekends and holidays when most people are off from their jobs and kids are out of school or daycare, it's easier to find time to work without needing to worry about babysitting arrangements or childcare costs (though some companies will even let employees work remotely during regular business hours if needed).

3. Take time for relaxation!

You can take care of yourself

  • You'll be better able to take care of yourself

  • You can eat healthy meals and get enough sleep

  • You can spend time on things you enjoy, like reading or watching movies

  • No stress commuting hours out-of-your day, with stressing to pick up your kids and navigating in miles of traffic

You can minimize the stress associated with being a single parent

If you’re a single parent, stress can be a major factor in your ability to work. Single parents are often stretched thin, both emotionally and financially. Whether you’re working from home or sitting at a cubicle, stress can make you feel tired. Stress can make you feel like nothing is getting done and that no one is listening to what you have to say. Stress can also cause the opposite reaction—you may feel like everything is going wrong! These negative emotions can hinder productivity and make it difficult for a single parent with children at home to get anything done during working hours.

In order for a single parent to thrive in the workplace, it’s important that they find ways of coping with this stress so that it doesn't prevent them from being their best selves on the job. Here are some tips for dealing with stressors associated with being an employed single parent:

4. You'll have more time to spend with your kids

You can be around for school plays and other events. You'll have more flexibility to attend the parent-teacher conferences, book fairs, sports games, and school plays that your child may need you at.

You can be around for bedtime stories. Even if you are working from home during the day, it's easy to take a few minutes out of your work schedule each night to read a story with your kids before they go to bed.

You can be around for family time during the weekends or on vacations. If there is something special going on in your town or city that requires traveling several hours away from home (like a family reunion), then being able to work remotely will make it much easier to get in contact with work while still being able to spend time with your family members who live far away.

Finding reliable childcare can be difficult and expensive

Finding reliable childcare can be difficult and expensive.

Many traditional daycares don’t have the resources to accommodate children with special needs or disabilities, especially if they require specialized equipment or services. You may also find that many early childhood teachers aren’t trained in ways to help these children succeed in school as they grow older. In fact, some programs may even be able to offer less than a traditional classroom setting due to state funding cuts!

If you want someone who is willing and able to watch your child while you work remotely, you will probably need a private caregiver instead of an institutionalized daycare facility. Private caregivers can provide one-on-one attention that simply isn’t available at most public facilities like preschools or afterschool programs (but they are much more expensive).

In a nutshell! Work is still WORK!

I hope this article has helped you to understand the benefits of working a remote job as a single parent. It's a great way to make more money, set your own schedule, and be flexible. I know from personal experience that it can be hard to find childcare when you have a full-time job, but if you're willing to take on some of these challenges then it will be worth it in the long run! In the next month's blog, I will have some helpful remote job resources to share.


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