2015 Harvest Festival at Cobo Center
Jeri Hunley-President (right)
Rosalind P.-Volunteer (left)
Say Cheese!!!!
2015 Harvest Festival
Jerilynn Hunley-V.P.
Having Fun!!!
2015 Harvest Festival
Rosalind Powell (Public Relations Director)
2015 Harvest Festival
Toni (Board Member/Director of Housing)
All Smiles!!!
2015 Harvest Festival
Happy Customer!
We helped 500+ people on this day with fruit baskets!!!
2015 Harvest Festival
Volunteer (left) & Board Member
Toni Johnoson-Smith (right)
Posing with her Mother!!!!
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CUTS4KIDS Event 2015!
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UNEEK Barbershop!
Single Family Living servicing 
2015 Harvest Festival Event
Cobo Center!
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