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Virtual Education & Tutoring

Qualified volunteers will provide educational assistance, mentoring and tutoring at a school for approximately eight (8) hours or less each week.  This FREE service provided to children, youth, and adults.   This program will also include workshops and programs for literacy preparation; secondary education preparation. Literacy Program "Reading Heroes" will give books and more under-privileged children k-12.

Combat Children Homelessness

Gathering new and used shoes to help combat homelessness for children. Giving clothes, hats, gloves, backpacks with toiletries, socks, and more to families with children that are at shelters, living with friends/relatives, motels, and other areas without shelters.



​Program developed to assist the children and youth of families in providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) living in areas that makes Social Distancing extremely hard to follow. In addition, we are providing kits for families that are low-income and/or unemployed.



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Social Work &

Life Skills

Program designed to provide support and resources to strengthen family units – including guidance for single parents and children.  Life skills programs and workshops will be conducted to assist the unemployed or under-employed for career assessment, career exploration and research, including career planning.   

Academic Fulfillment

​Program developed to assist the children and youth of families in need of with necessary educational tools and materials to better prepare them in the school environment.  This program is ongoing and available to all children and youth needing assistance with school supplies, College Preparation, High School Graduation Expense Relieve, etc.





We accept pre-owned/brand new gowns and formal accessories for High School teens all year-round.

Please email to set-up donations. We provide FREE gowns to help relieve stress on parents and teens.

Notary Services

Members are provided with complimentary Notary services by Janet Wheeler (Commission in State of MI). Ms. Wheeler is a Professional that is Insured & Bonded thru Western Surety Company.  Please contact Ms. Wheeler at 586-530-1421 or email her at: regarding services and make sure to mention that Single Family Living Organization.

Housing Retention

Training programs will be conducted to address home retention and rebuilding the community through informational workshops on home ownership, property tax assistance, rental assistance, and avoiding foreclosure or evictions.  This will include connecting the families with the various services and groups available to reduce housing expenditures through knowledge of the various community, civic, social, and governmental services available including the various consumer rights including local, state, and federal laws.  There is no charge to the members/non-members for these services.

R.I.C.H. Communities

​Program Revitalizing and Improving Challenged Homes (R.I.C.H.) in communities designed to apply home improvement techniques and provide supplies to help enhance living conditions for deprived homes for members. Enriching communities that have been hit hard with financial hardships (abandoned homes, foreclosures, short sales, vacant lots and more). The need for Affordable homes has increased over the years and in the future we will  be collaborating with other non-profit organizations to accomplish this program.

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