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SFL Learning Center


Human Services/ Life Skills

Assisting single-families with getting help clothing, shoes, etc.

Job Skills

Assisting single-parents with Job--Interviewing skills from professionals.


Helping children with literacy.  Teaching young adults how to prepare for college, etc.




Helping single-families with referring to different programs, personal counseling, and consulting.

and more.......

Why Help Children from a Single Parent Home?

Regardless of the misconceptions and stereotypes that a lot of single parents face on daily basis. Single Parents are hard workers and determined parents wanting to provide nothing but the best for their children.  It is a challenge trying to juggle everyday life, work, and family on a single parent's income.  This is not just another hand out but an investment to single-parents wanting a better way of life for their children. Your support will provide tutoring against illiteracy, family counseling, mentorship, volunteer at schools, daycare/latchkey scholarships, educational seminars, job-interviewing skills, housing retention, and more! 

How to Help Single Parents?


All donations are tax-exempt and our tax ID can be provided upon request. Please go to the link "Supporters" for more information or click "Donation" button.

What People Say

“I am single parent grandfather raising my three granddaughters. Thank you for the brand new furniture.


—  Shulie Jones, Grandfather raising his three granddaughters.

Did you know?


"Thank you so much for the Thanksgiving basket and my son's coat.  You are truly a blessing to us."

~ Katrina, Mom with 3 children

"Thank you for helping us find a home for me and my children."

~ Father with 2 children


Single Family Living is a 501 c(3) non-profit organization that is based out of Michigan. We are working diligently to help as many children from single families as possible. Currently, we servicing these areas: Macomb, Wayne, Oakland Counties, and Port Huron.

How Can You Help?

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