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We Care. We Understand. We Help.


We have the know-how you need.


  • Individual Annual Membership Fee $42 per year

  • Seminars, Quarterly Newsletters, Monthly Blogs

  • Free Access on all programs (including counseling)

  • Free Single Family Living Memorbilia

  • Family Fun Time & Activities

  • Social Events-family picnics, bowling, video-games, and more. (children will have opportunity to interact with other children in safe environment with their parents)

  • Stress & Time Management

  • STEM seminars & workshops, group forums; these seminars and workshops (will provide light refreshments or light dinner for the family to enjoy.

  • Sharing resources, discussion groups in certain subject matters (for instance coupon & budgeting strategies, Mom-to-Mom sales).

What does Single family MEAN?

Single Family Living is a non-profit organization our motto is "it takes village to raise a family". This means we know how hard single-parents work to fill the gap of the missing significant other. 

The eligibility for joining SFL please read the following below:

  • Must be a Single Parent (living in Wayne, Oakland, or Macomb County) in Michigan.

  •  Single Family means: Never Married, Separated, Widowed, and Divorced.

  • Must have a child/children (18 or younger) and be a custodial or non-custodial parent or guardian. (i.e. Grandparents raising grandchildren, Aunts/Uncles raising their neice or nephew as a single parent, etc.)

  • All Single Parents are welcome!!!


Do you need guidance in budgeting?

Are you overwhelmed?


Are you on the risk of being homeless?

Are you homeless?

Do you need help finding something now?


Do you or child need help with learning how read and write?


Do your family need counseling?

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