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Reading Heroes On Wheels

Single Family Living provides afterschool services to kids in underprivileged areas in PreK-12 grades, such as teaching literacy, tutoring (Math & English Literature), and mentoring. The Reading Heroes Program assists children Pre-K thru 5th grade. Our goal is to help children with reading and comprehension to successfully pass the Mandatory Michigan Third Grade Law. The Reading Heroes program assists Pre-K thru 5th Graders with Reading Comprehension, Coaching, Webinars, and Special Games.

The Reading Heroes on Wheels mobile learning center to reach more children in underserved areas in Detroit Tri- County. The mobile learning center called "Reading Heroes on Wheels" helps provide books, technology, mentoring, and tutoring services to the children in the community who have barriers in transportation or no physical library locations in their areas. Single Family Living Organization mobile learning center will provide personalized stops to areas communicated by the schools where children are more impacted with S.T.E.M. deficiencies. We empower the community to reach out and request the services knowing that there is a good possibility they will be able to have access to the mobile resources on demand.

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The teens involved in the H.E.R.O. program will learn leadership skills by mentoring, tutoring, and planning their group sessions on what studies or subjects to help other students struggling in a particular topic. The teens will sort, manage, and distribute books when needed for specific grades. In addition, teens will be involved with assisting in collaborating with their schools and creating lists of books, WiFi beacons, tutorial sessions (virtually or in-person) needed by communities. Teens will learn to work as a team consisting of communication, leadership skills, motivation, and surrounded by positive influences. It is crucial that every individual plays a hand in the development in the process of leadership, especially teens.


Helping a teen recognize excellence in learning provides confidence and a positive outlook for their future. Our organization philosophy of education would focus on building a strong, positive, and proactive foundation in behavior. By infusing positive reinforcements in teens, they will feel safe to express new ideas, free to share information of experiences, and values will result in a cohesive goal, which is the success of excellence in learning. Building positive leaders with these attributes creates these key factors of promoting teamwork, increasing communication, reducing conflict, and increasing open dialogue among the team. In addition, helping the community understand digital inclusion.


We are extremely proud to continue working hard to think of new and creative ideas to keep learning a top priority, especially in these trying times.

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