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Reading Heroes

The Reading Heroes Program assist children Pre-K thru 5th Grade. Our goal is to help children with reading and comprehension so they are successful with passing the Mandatory Michigan Third Grade Law. After, the student pass the third grade, Single Family Living continues to follow their progression of learning up to fifth grade.

The Reading Heroes program assists Pre-K thru 5th Graders with Reading Comprehension, Coaching, Webinars, and Special Games. These activities helps engage the students attention span and allows them to focus on a positive learning environment. Our goal for this program to assist the teachers and administrators in the Macomb, Wayne, and Oakland Counties with these services. In addition, we provide books to the children within the schools to encourage them to read.

Project Numbers


Single Family Living will provide your school with innovative and creative ways to engage your students with reading.


Since 2013, Single Family Living have worked in the educating and supporting children with combating illiteracy.


We are extremely proud to continue working hard to think of new and creative ideas to keep learning a top priority, especially in these trying times.

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