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Reading for Excellence

The Reading for Excellence Program assists students 6th-12th Grades with reading comprehension, tutoring, and book giveaways.

The Reading for Excellence program assists students 6th - 12th Graders in reading comprehension, tutoring, webinars, and special events. Single Family Living goal is to engage and maintain student's excitement in reading. During, middle school children reading scores began drastically dropping . It is important to identify and tackle this issue before the student reaches high school. Once, the student reaches high school and problem with reading comprehension will become a struggle for the family and the teen. Single Family Living targets the issue and isolates the problem for the student and the family. We have resources that will help the students overcome this difficult challenge.

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Single Family Living will provide the resources to assist the students, with parents permission to allow the student to be enrolled in the program to receive extra assistance.


Since 2015, Single Family Living (SFL) has assisted students within Macomb, Wayne, and Oakland schools with reading for excellence.


We are always striving to work with more students in the middle and high school help prepare for college. It is crucial to maintain student's enthusiasm regarding reading and comprehension.

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