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Prom Dream Makeover

The Prom Dream Makeover is for high school students and/or seniors from a single parent home.

Prom Dream Makeover is for high school students that are from a single parent home. This student must provide a 200-500 word essay on a particular subject, G.P.A, information what they are going to do for the future, and more. This program relieves the stress from the student and family from overextending their budget. Single Family Living uses their resources to assist (1) teen young lady and (1) teen young gent with formal evening wear, hair style, and accessories if needed.

Project Numbers


Single Family Living will provide the resources with the help of generous donors/sponsors/supporters. The supporters provide the formal gown, tuxedo rental, hair style, and accessories for the students.


Since 2015, Single Family Living (SFL), have helped numerous "Prom Dreams" come true. We have given away over several hundred gowns! Thanks to our sponsors!


We are always striving to reach our goal with helping more high school students achieve their dreams to a stress-free day of pampering! SFL goal is reach two-thousand high school student achieve their special night worry-free.

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